About us


We, “Medžio stilius” team, are loyal to our passion: oak and the products from this forest giant. Our doors, stairs and floors bring warmth of the wood, style, elegance and endless creativity to your home. In 1999, we started our activity based on the fundamental principle: respect for oak and its history, as it takes 140 years to go from an acorn to a beautiful piece of interior made of oak.

Respect for wood begins with the selection of the raw material, responsible purchasing, and continues throughout the production process: a professional team, the majority of which has not changed for nearly 20 years, a precise technological cycle of wood preparation using only the natural oil made in Germany.

Intelligent design solutions to meet the ever-changing needs of customers, the use of raw materials – even the sawdust is used for the production of oak briquettes.

It is not surprising that today we can be proud of the growing number of loyal and new customers who appreciate our approach to each order: accurately, on time, providing installing and other services, professionally, based on our experience and unwavering willingness to improve and learn from the world’s best examples. We successfully cooperate with our private clients, architects, and construction companies.

Our customers choose from a wide range of products, including:

We are proud of having the largest salon network in Lithuania, nearly 50 team members, most of whom are experienced top-skilled masters, performing a wide range of works, such as installing the floor, stairs, doors and more.

Our range of products includes a variety of colours for creating a unique contemporary style: from gently bleached oak to rich cognac or combed aged floorboards. Human creation only complements the design of nature: boards without branches (Selected), with fewer branches (Classic), with more branches (Rustic), with fewer branches and white spots (Modern) or with branches and white spots (Loft).

Installing services are provided in all parts of Lithuania Experienced specialists will always consult you, help you make choices, they will come to your place to measure, design and install the products selected especially for you


Most of the production is manufactured by our own Ecowood, UAB (www.ecowood.eu). The company produces wooden stairs, floors and doors that meet the requirements for the highest quality. We prefer oak wood, which is solid and resistant to external factors.

We use only the wood of the highest quality from mature oaks that are more than 100 years old. We receive wood products from our sawmill. This is how we control the whole process responsibly. We are the only manufacturer of oak interior details (doors, stairs and floors) in Lithuania that ensures proper quality throughout the entire process.

Drying is a crucial preparatory phase, which affects the durability of the product, therefore, we choose only the best dryers from reliable manufacturers. Our wood blanks are dried in Belgian condenser-type dryers. In order to achieve the best result, we choose the slowest drying mode and we constantly control the temperature and humidity.

We use only the highest quality, safe and environment-friendly additional materials, which are suitable even for toys.

In the production process we use the latest equipment and technology. Robotic machine tool will accurately cut out the stairs of the most sophisticated form according to the drawing. Do not limit your fantasy. You can choose from our wide range of products and suggest your own ideas; we will carry out individual orders from the colour to the shape.

We follow the technological trends and recommend our customers not only solid oak floorboards but also engineered two-layered or three-layered flooring with maximum stability, perfect for underfloor heating.

We have invested 2.5 million euros in production facilities.

We export more than a half of our production to other countries of the European Union; it is not surprising as wood products are valued worldwide for looking great, their durability, environmental aspects and the comfort they provide. We are delighted that we can provide our local market with the best wood products, but we can also satisfy our demanding customers in other EU countries. Everybody deserves the best wood products.


www.interjeras.lt interior competition in 2014

The award in “National Interior” went to Arūnė Bitinaitienė for her interior with “Medžio stilius” floor and other wooden details.

www.interjeras.lt interior competition in 2013

The award in “Private Interior” went to Architektas, UAB for a project that used the floor produced by “Medžio stilius”.

The award in “National Interior” went to the studio “Dalius & Greta” for a solution that used the floor manufactured by “Medžio stilius“”.

“The Golden Palette” went to Studija Archispektras, UAB for the best colour solution that also used the floor manufactured by “„Medžio stilius”.


  • Its main specialization since its incorporation in 1999 has been the installation of wooden floors.
  •  Just three years later, we started the production and founded Ecowood, UAB.
  • A decade after the beginning of the activity, we started manufacturing and selling oak interior doors.
  • Soon we added more wooden products to our range: we started producing and selling wooden stairs.
  • We work with designers and architects throughout Lithuania.
  • In 2013, we established companies in Poland and the UK.
  • We export our products to 25 countries.
  • There are about 200 people working in Lithuania: around 150 in production and around 50 in the whole retailer chain.
  • We do have showrooms in 5 Lithuanian cities, 4 towns in Poland and 1 in Great Britain.
  • We are passionate and responsible oak lovers: the biggest corporate event is the annual planting of the oaks.