Trends of Wooden Floor Style

Just like every other aspect of our life, home interior design is governed by the changes that can be generally referred to as new, shifting, emerging, or returning trends. Floors, stairs, doors are all an important part of the general interior, one that creates an image and a feeling, merging with the harmonious whole or deliberately contrasting with the rest of the interior. Let us begin with colours: the colour solutions that are predicted by market professionals.

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What Makes Oak Wood Special?

Oak wood differs from tree to tree: the quality of the wood is affected by the conditions and the location in which the tree grew. If we were to compare various wood, we could conclude that the poorer the conditions in which the tree grew, the valuable its wood is. That is why oak wood

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Why Oak?

We have been spinning the tale of oak for almost two decades now. By manufacturing oak floors, doors, and windows, we bring this beauty of the forest to your home. We have noticed that our clients find it difficult to make up their mind, appreciate the benefits, realise the value they create with oak because

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