Colours of the floor

Oak floorboards manufactured in Lithuania, at Ecowood, UAB are of high quality and unique, three-layered and two-layered, constructions.  “Medžio stilius” will recommend and help you choose a product that will not only suit perfectly your interior, but will also meet your needs. We can always offer you great deals. Together we will discover the product that is the most suitable for you, not only beautiful but also efficient and practical. We will manufacture the floor of a desired colour, width, length and branchiness.

Enrico Piselli, the author of the colours of this collection, says: “I combine my two passions: the oak and the beauty of Tuscan nature. Working with oak here in Lithuania is a special honour and pleasure. I am fascinated by Tuscan warmth and landscape colouring, so I say that I do not create the colours, but take them from nature”.