Ivory – a new color for oak floors

We are experienced manufacturers, whose oak flooring, stairs, doors are well-loved by thousands European customers. At the same time, we are also creators, constantly bringing new colors to the market, combining natural design: branching, ribbed patterns, texture features.

Our new product is Ivory color. At international exhibitions we follow the flooring trend – light colors prevail, so it is not surprising that many people in Lithuania are also looking for light floorboards, which expand and visually enlarge the living space. For Ivory color we use German finishes which give the oak boards a cozy, whitish tint. The surface is then covered with several layers of German SAICOS oil. The SAICOS oil we use is safe for people, even for wooden children’s toys. It is important to know that the oil dries naturally, without hastening the process, which means that it is well absorbed into the wood, has a long service life and is easy to maintain.

The Ivory color was first used to cover the very expressive Country oak planks. They are characterized by a higher degree of branching, with clear lines of wood. Such floorboards are the perfect combination of rich, naturally formed wood and a light, subtle shade of wood.

There is no doubt that the color will find its buyer, as the floorboards will give the home the warmth of natural oak and visually increase the space where everyone is comfortable and good. For those who want to try it, it’s a great time, as we are offering a special offer Country floorboard with Ivory color for € 34.90 / m², surface combed along. You can always find more details in our showrooms, but we recommend hurrying because the offer is limited in quantity.