Services: installation of wooden floors, doors and stairs

Our customers always win:

  • They get professional consultations, insights and advice on all issues related to oak floors, doors or stairs at “Medžio stilius” salons;
  • The client receives high quality items, made precisely according to the drawings, requests and designs on time from our factory Ecowood.
  • The masters of our service install the stairs, the floor and the doors flawlessly. The excellence in the ability to perform well in a complex environment, e. g. restoring dwellings in old buildings, finding a smooth way for combining new elements technically with the heritage of centuries.

Experienced and reliable “Medžio stilius” masters will come to your home in all parts of Lithuania at the agreed time. They will measure, design and install professionally the floor, doors or stairs of your dreams.

All works are guaranteed. We advise on maintenance and exploitation. We provide warranty and post-warranty service.

For the convenience of our customers, “Medžio stilius” salons are located in all major cities of Lithuania. Works are performed throughout Lithuania.

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